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Maurice's Daughter Book Art Galina Abele GFA Designs Healing Death Loss of Life Loved Ones

by artist Galina Fouks Abele 

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Maurice's daughter... a book about healing

by Galina Fouks-Abele

When artist and teacher Galina Fouks sought healing from the devastating death of her father, she discovered a gaping void in the bookshelves devoted to grief and bereavement. She needed more than a clinical review of the process. She needed hope to strengthen her to face a new day.

A series of dreams that seemed heaven sent gently pulled her out of darkness and back into the joy of living again. She says, “The dreams gave me so much clarity. I honestly believe that God gave me this gift to paint what he showed me in my dreams. He took me to heaven, fed my soul, and encouraged me to open my eyes to life again. It was God who gave me a reason to live again and gave me the energy to create this book for others in their time of need. If there was anything gained from my dad’s death it was the dreams that led me to him in a world I could have never imagined if he had never passed away.” 

Award winning artist Galina Fouks’ debut children’s book, Maurice’s Daughter, leads readers of all ages through the grieving process and rather than stopping there, helps them to emerge on the other side — with hope of the loved one being in a safe and loving place, and with the assurance that the loved one will live on in the readers’ own lives as they fulfill the deepest hopes of the person they are missing. The personal journal at the end of the book, with places for images and memories of the deceased loved one, further encourages readers to progress past grief and into healing. Lily Herndon Weaks, President of The Fig & The Vine Publishing, thought the book was exactly in keeping with what her company was meant to do, saying “Maurice’s Daughter represents our goals exactly — to help others come into their own divine gifts, both by publishing works by authors who have something of value to share with the world, and having readers be inspired, healed, and encouraged by those works.”

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